Minimum Wages Notification for Hospitals, Dispensaries, Pharmacy, Scanning Centres, X-Ray Units, etc. in Kerala

Many queries are posted about the Minimum Wages applicable to nurses in hospitals, and other staffs in medical and health centers. The latest notification concerning the subject issued on 2009 Dec 16 is enclosed hereunder.



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Vayaliparambil, Perumbavoor | Advocate, Ernakulam
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1 Response to Minimum Wages Notification for Hospitals, Dispensaries, Pharmacy, Scanning Centres, X-Ray Units, etc. in Kerala

  1. Kerala govt have notified MW for about 83 employments since 2008-9.Hospitals is one of them.Labor dept has conducted inspection in about 450 hospitals in Kerala for MW and other Acts.They found only 39 hospitals paying MW. Among them only 3 or 4 are big(say having 200 employees) .If small hospitals can pay why can’t others pay?.Even then the dept has not taken much action against the hospitals due to pressure from hospital lobbies.To save the face and buy the time it formed Balaraman commission.The commission recommended a wage . The nurses union (I doubt whether it is regd under TU Act) is demanding to implement that wage which is not MW under the Act.If the govt notify the commission’s wage as MW, similar demand will come from other sectors also.
    In the mean time govt issued an order to pay salary through Bank a/c of employees.Govt has no such authority under MW Act or P of W Act.The existing provision is to pay salary through bank with the consent of employee.The govt should amend section 6 of P of W Act to acquire the power to issue such order as done by AP state.
    There is a wrong concept with many people including Shri Kodikunnil Suresh,Dr Balaraman,and many others that nurses has problem because there is no law for them.These people are forgetting that all labor laws applicable to Shops &commercial Establishments are applicable to hospitals .Problem is with its implementation.Shop & C E Act says the employees cannot be allowed to work for more than 8 hrs a day.There the concept of shift working is made mandatory, which was one of the main demands of nurses.Other than minimum wages the govt cannot force other wages.


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